Our Funeral Home is an Authorized Provider of the Funeral Finance, LLC, the At-Need Payment Solution.  If you have limited to no life insurance, limited cash, or credit card balance, we offer a convenient payment plan that will fit your needs.  We believe that you should have options when paying for the funeral or cremation for your loved one.

To qualify, you will need to have a verifiable source of income, a bank account and the ability to repay. A down payment is required and will be calculated at the funeral home. The down payment will be based upon a few factors including the total of the goods and services selected, ability to repay and state specific guidelines. We offer an array of options for repayment, including but not limited to ACH, automatic bank account debit and payment card debit over the course of your credit sales transaction.

For more information, please contact one of our trained Funeral Professionals.  You may also print and complete the simple application for credit and bring it to our Funeral Home when you plan your arrangements.  Multiple applicants are welcomed to apply and participate in the transaction.  Along with the credit application, we recommend you bring with you a valid government issued photo id, recent paystub and bank statement, current within 30 days, that shows your income deposits.  These documents may be used during the application and verification process.

We are honored to serve your family and pleased to offer this service.



View Printable Credit Application